The Heavy Metal Horror Subgenre

Numerous artistic mediums are embraced by the horror genre, which has an impact on their appearance, message, and portrayal. It addresses issues related to death, the paranormal, ghosts, monsters, witches, and essentially anything sinister and terrible that might inspire terror. Horror's influence is debatable, though, as it has the potential to be both repulsive and alluring. It can inspire creativity because of its intensity, and many artists find enormous inspiration from its ambiguity. In order to touch anything, it can with its fangs, horror "reaches out with bloody, ichor-dripping tentacles. It enjoys experimenting and incorporating new genres into its web; no form is spared. Music is no different (Ball, 2021, para. 2).

Even in mediaeval times, classical composers' works, and the soundtracks of the first spooky movies of the 20th century, the horror genre has always influenced music. The genre on which horror has had the most impact is heavy metal.

For more than 50 years, heavy metal and horror have coexisted and influenced one another. Asbjrn Dyrendal, a professor of history and sociology, claims that in the early 1970s, rock music started to develop and take on a heavier sound as bands began to "look at horror films and the demonic as inspiration" for their musical style, lyrics, and aesthetics.

Written By: Name Style